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Lifesaver AppTM integrates with Care Notes Online to provide a seamless method of delivery for daily notes created by home healthcare agencies, nursing homes and senior assisted living. Using either smart phone technology or Internet accessibility through desktop or iPad computers, caregivers can log into CareNotesOnline and create daily notes showing activities performed, notes about the patient's activities or questions and medical information. Care Notes Online can be used to track the client's response to all new medication or report changes in condition.  For home healthcare agencies that choose not to become involved in the medical aspects of the clients care, Care Notes Online can provide a daily update for family members that are separated geographically from their loved ones.  It is an invaluable communication tool for caregivers in any circumstance.

Lifesaver AppTM also integrates with ongoing medical care with  import/export capabilities to physicians EMR's, hospital systems or EMS recordkeeping. Lifesaver AppTM  contains a physicians interface that allows family doctors or specialists to access a patient's record and confirm medications, diagnosed conditions and allergies. In addition, physicians can upload test results such as lab tests, MRIs, EKGs and other pertinent medical data.  Not only does Lifesaver AppTM create an  online emergency medical record, it also provides coordination between healthcare providers and the patient.  The end result is a complete medical record that can be accessed by any healthcare provider for immediate, current medical data.  The model looks like this:

Lifesaver app offers a complete Medicaid model project that will save money for the states utilizing lifesaver app to coordinate medical care between disparate medical providers. Lifesaver app revolutionizes healthcare by making an online medical record available in the event of a medical emergency or an ongoing medical treatment protocol. Medication history diagnosed conditions, allergies and emergency contacts are immediately available in the event of a medical emergency.

The United States Department of Health and Human  Services (HHS) states "The ultimate vision is one in which all patients are fully engaged in their health care and  providers have real-time access to all medical information and tools to help assure quality and safety of care while also affording improved access and elimination of healthcare disparities".

Lifesaver AppTM accomplishes these goals and more. Read about our Care Notes Online model project:  Care Notes Online



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